Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Tuesday 30th March

This morning we took a tour around one of the floating markets near Bangkok. Fascinating to see the way it's all assembled - if you go all the way through the shops on either side of the canals you find yourself in the middle of a palm tree swamp! The majority of the stalls were selling solely to tourists - the usual bits of tat, fakes and forgeries (Rolex anyone?), swords, pickled snakes and scorpions. There were some real traders though, going about their business between the others. The long-tailed boats were great fun - each with a different incarnation of 4 cylinder car engine, many turbo charged or with twin-carb modifications.

In the afternoon we decided to be utterly decadent and went to the Oriental Hotel for high tea. :-) Much cake was consumed. Our final treat before the flight home just after midnight.

Monday 29th March

Flight back to Bangkok from Paro. It's been a fantastic experience visiting Bhutan and we're very sad to leave! It's fairly late by the time we reach Bangkok and we only have time to get a dress fitting for Caroline before searching out some food.