Sunday, 29 November 2009

Saturday 28th November

Saturday 28th November

Safely back in the UK. Brrrrr. It's damned cold in this country.

Managed to get parents upgraded to Premium Economy, but Caroline and I had the joy of Economy seats. At least in this direction we had the updated entertainment system...

Did I mention it's really really cold here?

Quick trip to Cambridge for a few bits and pieces followed by a couple of days to wash kit, pack and prepare for the big adventure. :-)


  1. Great party, thoroughly enjoyed it. Appreciate you came back all that way just to make sure we would all be insanely jealous that you'd:
    a) got 4 months off work to tour round the world
    b) got 4 months off work
    c) are carrying on the caribbean break with Ecuador Chile etc as part of tour round the world
    d) are going to miss the cold weather/ sleet/ frost/ snow/ etc
    e) are going to miss the A14
    Have a safe journey best wishes Andrew & Belinda

  2. Hope you made it to the airport ok. Presume it is easier to pack in order to leave the wet & cold uk rather than return to it.

    Bon voyage!