Friday, 27 November 2009

Thursday 26th November

Our last full day in the Caribbean!!

We started the day by singing Happy Birthday to Caroline (again...).

We visited Tet Paul trail - very interesting local trail through subsistence farmland with some spectacular views of the Pitons. As little mountains go they are pretty cute.

Carried on to Anse L'Ivrogne, was adopted by several flea-ridden mutts so vacated to our old favourite Anse Chastenet.

On the way, Caroline decided it was definitely Birthday Ice-cream time. Lesson for the week...don't off-road while eating choc-ices. The results are not pretty! Particularly if the driver is also trying to eat his choc-ice.

From Anse Chastenet we walked around the slightly rocky headland to the next cove over: Anse Mamin. Whilst a little rockier than Chastenet it was less populated so we enjoyed several hours of sun, sea and sand & even Caroline managed to relax for a few hours, collapsed on a towel underneath a coconut tree. See the piccies for proof!

In the evening, following a very tasty lamb curry, we found that Uta and Verena had cooked Caroline a birthday cake - heavy on the chocolate and rum. My FAVOURITE... We all went to bed rather more than replete.

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