Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Tuesday 17th November

Today got off to a slightly lazier start than ususal. After what is becoming our routine swim and workout on the beach, we took rather longer over breakfast and then spent some time getting washing organised and reading.

Mid-morning we set off in the Suzuki-thingy, heading East along the southern part of the island. First stop was (another) rum distillary. This was a far more impressive set up than the previous visit we had made, though much of the complex had been destroyed by fire in the 1970s. The old water wheels, crushing equipment and boilers were all out of use. The company now imports raw alcohol (sugar based) and either casks it and stores it, or flavours it with local spices. Some of the results are really rather good. :-)

After the distillary we went to a local restaurant for lunch, having read a number of good reviews. It is apparent that the place was hit hard by the hurricane that came through in 2005 - and is still struggling to recover. The food was superb. We all opted for the lobster salad. The lobster itself was seriously tasty, and the salad actually consisted of a series of small servings of differently prepared veggies around the plate all of which went down very well. All in all definitely worth the visit.

The final stop of the day was at the Laura Herb and Spice Garden. The tour round was really well done, it was interesting to see a number of the ingredients that you frequently only come across in dried or powdered format still part of the plant. It's also amazing just how strongly some of the leaves smell when they're picked straight off the plant. Cocoa just looks plain odd.

We trundled back to the cottage for a bit more time in the sun and a swim before the sun went down and a supper consisting of leftovers from the fridge!

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