Sunday, 22 November 2009

Sunday 22nd November

We've found a decent internet connection, so should be able to catch up today! Lots of stuff for you to read.

Started off with showing O's parents our explorations of the previous day.

Then off to Diamond botanic gardens - good, well labelled display of local plants, mineral springs (courtesy of the volcanic sulphury stuff we saw yesterday), a waterfall, and some c. 19th century bathing pools.

Spent most of the afternoon snorkelling at Anse Chastenet. Amazing proliferation of fish life very close to shore: squid, zebra fish, parrot fish, moray eels, pipe fish, some coral, urchins, and loads of other fish we could not name. Beautiful colours, bright yellows and blues, every variation of spots and stripes. Unfortunately no underwater camera to hand.

Daihatsu-thingy, now re-christened Daih-shit-su, has been returned to us, has a slow puncture, rear brake calliper is dragging along road, wheel bearing quite possibly seizing. Only grounded it once today which has not assisted its plight. If it survives the next 4 days it will be a miracle.

Caroline is now sat eating numerous varieties of ice cream, so is very happy.

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