Monday, 29 March 2010

Monday 22nd March

Good luck to the Grandma! Looking forward to seeing her bionic.

Rest day in camp with a lazy breakfast and much washing of self in the freezing cold stream. We hiked (self-imposed) up to the peak facing Jhomolhari - amazing views both down into the valley and over passes between neighbouring peaks which we will cross tomorrow. Lots of close-up yak encounters - Caroline now has a tail - also saw golden eagles, blue mountain sheep, ravens and himalayan modals (like high-altitude turkeys). Continued to climb along the ridge although going was tough due to steep scree and rocky outcrops. Learning point on a descent: don't go down if you can't see the exits! The climb back up isn't great for the blood pressure.

Return to camp about 3pm to find loads of locals gathered there for a shindig. Somehow Caroline managed to scare the children so much that they ran screaming to their mothers - she maintains she was just smiling...

Later that evening the men galloped in on their ponies, whooping like warriors of Shabdrung. Apparently they had won a local archery competition. This was followed by an impromptu traditional dance - circular, with lots of stamping, and then it looked like they were settling in for a long night with the alcohol and tales of their archery prowess. Don't think our trekking party got much sleep.

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