Monday, 29 March 2010

Wednesday 24th March

Sunny again! Frost on the tent though. Luckily it froze the mud so we weren't sinking in up to our knees. Beautiful scenery through rhodedendron and birch forest along a ridge at about 4000m. In the valley opposite you could see yak herders' farms and pasture. We lunched at the base of a ridge, enjoying the sunshine - although the ground was quite porous and resulted in wet bottoms. We finally saw just HOW MUCH rice a Bhutanese can eat - answer: lots. They seem to consume nothing else for breakfast, lunch and dinner. We plodded up the 600m ridge, a bit of a slog but nowhere near as bad as yesterday. The clouds were dropping as we summited the ridge at Thombu La and looked down on what had to be the most godforsaken, desolate Alpine plateau ever. Unfortunately this was where we camped with the wind howling like wolves around the tents. In desperation we gathered piles of yak dung and lit a fire. It burnt surprisingly well although the acrid smoke was highly unpleasant. Unable to sleep very well due to the altitude and being absolutely frozen.

Discovered Olly's car is worth less than half of an average mule - no smiles there.

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