Monday, 1 March 2010

Sunday 28th February

We were woken up by a funeral this morning. The coffin was carried on a brightly coloured wooden cart pushed along by the mourners. The chief mourners wore white garments reminiscent of the KKK, others further back in the procession just had strips of white cloth tied around their heads. Much horn tooting (no surprise there) accompanied progress.

Day spent wandering the streets and visiting the market in Hoi An, before final fittings and collecting all our purchases. We were still frantically running around at 8:30pm and just made Post Office closure at 9 o'clock. Final damage was 10.75 kg!

All of the clothes were good although it's way too hot to wear them for longer than 10 seconds. Good news from tourists coming down from the north; Hanoi is a chilly 20degC - can't wait.

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