Monday, 29 March 2010

Tuesday 23rd March

Set off for the toughest day - not much "rested" really. Climbed to the higher valley and two glacial lakes we could see yesterday. Spectacular views in all directions. Also saw ruddy duck and a wildcat. We crested the pass to arrive in an even higher pasture still covered with snow. Climbing was getting tough now at nearly 5000m. We plod on Ranulph Fiennes-esque. Eventually we reach the pass (Bhonte La) and rest gasping beside the prayer flags and cairns. The view down the other side is bleaker with slate cliffs and vast scree slopes. We descend along a grassy ridge with precipice sides down to the river and our camp at a lowly 3800m. My mind is telling me it should be warmer, but my body is not convinced. Fire tonight though! We saw a little alpine iris as well on the descent - only an inch above the ground.

2.5 days to go until shower! Yey!

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