Monday, 8 March 2010

Monday 8th March

We weighed anchor and headed to "Amazing Cave", the biggest cave in Halong and so called because apparently it's amazing... Sadly much irony there; it was almost certainly amazing when discovered. Subsequent damage by mis-managed tourism has dirtied and eroded the limestone formations and altered the atmosphere in the cave so there is little native wildlife. The areas above the height of grubby acidic fingers and paint brushes shows just how stunning it must once have been. Some careful photography required. :-)

Our guide is a rampant anthropomorphist - no I can't see the buddha / elephant / bear / tortoise / inevitable phallic symbol in the rock. It's a rock.

Weather has made a turn for the worse. It's the first time we've seen rain since leaving New Zealand and the temperature has dropped about fifteen degrees. Good for acclimatisation I guess.

Arrived back at the hotel in the afternoon - exhausted by our two days of indulgence. This cruising malarky is harder than it looks.

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