Monday, 8 March 2010

Saturday 6th March

Cruise around Halong Bay

Awoke with high expectations. The bus collected our party: a lovely couple from the US / Canada called David and Delphine who were sharing our boat, a Belgian telecoms engineer and an (alleged) Thai-brided Amercian. We definitely got the best end of that cut.

Arrived at Halong at noon and were greeted by an enormous seafood lunch; clams, crabs (much resultant mess), fish, squid, etc. Our cabin was also enormous, complete with Jacuzzi. :-) Definitely worth the price!

Can't describe Halong - you'll have to look at the piccies. The scenery is amazing and quite eerie in the mist. There were lots of tourist junks of varying shapes and sizes. Entertainingly they all drop their sails prior to departure - they may be photogenic, but mechanically they're downright useless.

The first stop on the tour was a floating village and pearl farm where we saw the oysters being impregnated with seed pearls (plastic balls), an incredibly fiddly operation.

Were lulled to sleep not by the gentle lapping of waves, but the throbbing of the generator powering the aircon.

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