Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Tuesday 2nd March

Despite the rather excessive temperature we decided to investigate the citadel today. Not too long a walk from the hotel this was a huge compound built in the early 19th century to house the emperor, his family and court. It's an enormous structure with brick walls 2m thick surounding lots of temples and palaces and formal gardens. Many of the original structures were destroyed in the Tet offensive of the American War, but some lovely wooden tiled buildings remain - their insides decorated with gold and red lacquer and detailed carving. In typical fashion there is an extremely slow "renovation" project underway - lots of people lying in hammocks snoozing the afternoon away.

Dr Who had obviously been visiting, though he's repainted the tardis...

After a few hours of intense sunlight and sweating we retired to the hotel pool in an attempt to cool down. Maybe those guys in the hammocks had the right idea?!

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