Saturday, 6 February 2010

Friday 5th February

Took a taxi to Dusit palace - or that was where we hoped to go; ended up at Grand Palace... again. Think that is the only place taxi drivers will take tourists. Walked to National museum where we wandered for a couple of hours. The historical section was not great (someone really loves scale models of battles!), but mother of pearl inlay and ivory carvings were very impressive.

Taxi back to hotel (slightly worried we would repeat the deja vue of Grand Palace).

Left some luggage at airport (must remember to pick it up!). Flight into Cambodia was refreshingly short. Needed masses of paperwork to enter - 4 separate forms including a declaration of health. Passed the thermal camera test (it helped no-one was looking at it!) and went to visa application; where our passports were snatched from us, passed along a queue which cut, pasted and stamped. Our passports re-emerged at the other end, as officials called out names and we had to rush forward from the crowd, clutching our 20usd in ransom. Comedy!

First impressions: my there are a lot of motorbikes! One carrying a family of five, another 2 people and a full sized extension ladder, one with a car windscreen and top prize to one with a double bed and two chairs. Climate is less oppressive than Bangkok and with the above caveats the traffic is much better! Welcome to Cambodia!

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