Thursday, 4 February 2010

Thursday 4th February

Arrived in Bangkok after a very long flight from NZ via Sydney. (Caroline nearly missed the plane, having fallen for a very nice opal ring.)
Had no interest in anything much other than bed...... snore..... snore... zzzzzhh!

Feeling better and hungrier 6 hours later we feel up to tackling Bangkok. Everyone who said the traffic is bad will be interested to know it is worse.
Too late to visit the cultural sights, but armed with free map we head off shopping...or at least browsing, mindful of the weight of our backpacks. First the downmarket MBK mall; 6 floors of everything you can imagine and fakes of the rest! the new 8gb nano iPod for 16 pounds really too good to be true? However the "replica" mulberry bags at 60GBP don't look bad! (NB: If we give you one for your birthday it's real, honest!).
Next stop the slightly more upmarket stores; loads of funky Japanese design, and conveyor belt sushi.

We have loaded up the pictures from the last week of NZ so check out the entries. Isn't South Island too pretty to be true!?

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