Monday, 22 February 2010

Monday 22nd February

Trekking around Da Lat today with a tour guide we booked yesterday afternoon. Countryside is lovely here; rolling hills clothed in pine forest and steep terraced farmland growing coffee and market vegetables. Temperature and humidity are also great (lower sweat factor than in the lowlands further south). Trek was interesting, about 17km including a couple of dodgy suspension bridges; Indiana Jones style with thin cables wrapped around trees for support and numerous missing wooden slats. "Go Ape" eat your heart out.

Also visited a hill-community village only accessible by track (no running water or electricity). The only modern conveniences in evidence were the ubiquitous motorbikes and even they look old and decrepit. The tracks themselves are a single foot-wide strip of concrete winding across the hillsides and heading up slopes that are difficult to navigate on foot.

The main viewpoint on the trek was Tiger Falls, and pretty waterfall where the last wild tiger in the area lived, before being killed in the 1950's.

On returning to Da Lat, Olly had a hair cut. It was a somewhat nerve wracking experience; he had to keep the clippers plugged in with his foot whilst they were being wielded, sparking wildly all the time. Caroline just sat looking smug.

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