Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Monday 1st Febuary

White rabbits....white rabbits...white rabbits!

A beautiful sun rise over the rolling hills....Back on the bikes for another 80km.....

We reached the highest point of the trail yesterday so according to the sign "It's all downhill from here..." they lied, but cycling was easy in the cool morning air. By 11am it was scorching; must have been at least 30 degrees and very dusty. The only shade was provided by fruit trees which had seeded along side the track - thrown out by long-gone travellers. This stretch of the line has a number of original stations, still with their Ladies Waiting Rooms, ticket offices, and painted signs. There is even occasional rusting rolling stock. We rolled into Middlemarch about 3pm, and made our way to the nearest tea shop for some much needed EG.

On our way back to Clyde to pick up the car we see the odd cyclist ...and feel really smug!

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