Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Tuesday 16th February

Up bright and early to catch bus to Vietnam – our penultimate stop :-(

Our chosen border crossing has only been open 3 months and the bus company only operating 16 days – not sure if this is a good thing. We buy a large packed of oreo’s - emergency supplies!

Journey to border was uneventful - increasing sightings of water buffaloes (cool!) and paddy fields as we travel further south into the Mekong delta. An excellent experience leaving Cambodia – no bribes or “additional expenses” required - they even had a feedback form! Even on the Vietnam side there is only a ½ hearted attempt to extract a “quarantine fee”. After a five minute stand off - us demanding a receipt and the official demanding the money he gives up on us and turns to easier pickings. After the horror stories we have heard from other travelers about border crossings in the region we feel as if we have got off lightly.

First impressions of Vietnam; much clearer and better infrastructure than Cambodia. Less obvious signs of poverty. We manage to find a hotel with a bath for 10 USD or 200,000 dong. :-)

We have a wander around Ha Tien and the place is completely dead. The day after Tet tho’ everyone seems to be nursing a monster hangover.

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