Sunday, 7 February 2010

Sunday 7th February

Got up for another good breakfast before the bus trip north to Siem Riep. Some interesting views of the countryside became some very boring views of the countryside when the bus broke down. (Seems that the LHS suspension collapsed.) Having sat beside the road for half an hour the bus limped to a nearby cafe where we were told that another bus would be along in about 20 minutes. We disembarked to be accosted by a host of children selling pineapple, bananas, melon, live spiders. Yup, they had bags full of tarantulas which were then dropped on your clothing as you walked past. Not my idea of a mid-journey snack...

The second bus duly arrived and, after we had transferred luggage and got on board, avoiding the remnants of the hoard of youngsters, promptly broke down. Some time later the driver managed to get it into gear and we set off - only to run out of fuel three times over the course of the remainder of the journey. Fuel for the last 80 miles was siphoned from another passing bus... The "5-6hr" trip ended up taking about 10hrs.

We finally arrived, found a hotel room, bought a guide to Angkor Wat from a landmine survivor and settled in for the night.


  1. Your photos are fantastic! Looks like truly a different world... An a welcome distraction from drafting my electoral address ;-)

  2. Hi Eleanor.

    I have to admit it is great! We are going to struggle to return to UK...

    Good luck with the electoral exciting! Presumably you have started to campaign in earnest now? Any option for me to register a postal vote on your behalf?