Sunday, 20 December 2009

Friday 18th December

Flight back to Quito was only slightly delayed and went smoothly. Caroline has managed to find a fantastic little hotel in the new town called "Sol de Quito" where we have been given the honeymoon suite (!?). Rather than try to cram rooms into every square inch of space, each floor has an area set aside as a "museum" with old furniture and curios. The doors are thick, heavily carved wood and it's obvious someone has put lots of effort into finishing things off - not a common sight in Ecuador.

We went back down into old town to see whether we could remember where a shop was that we had seen previously (successfully accomplished) and also to have a look at some things we'd glimpsed on our last visit. A sudden downpour makes us retreat into a nearby shop to discover that it is the elusive tourist information office (mostly shop). We while away half an hour reading about some of the indigenous jungle tribes.

In the evening a unilateral decision is made that there will be no "typical Ecuadorian" food (i.e. fried chicken) tonight. Not far from the hotel we discover a small Chinese restaurant. Yey!

Only 7 days to Christmas! There are Santa's of all shapes and sizes roaming the streets and the shops have snow scenes everywhere despite the distinct lack of temperatures below 20degC.

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