Saturday, 19 December 2009

Thursday 17th December

Lazy morning at the hostel; breakfast followed by some table tennis and pool. We then found the steam room, and of course it would be rude not to use the facilities provided wouldn't it? After a little more lazing in the swimming pool and table tennis we packed up and got ready for the drive, via Vilcabamba for lunch, back to Loja where we will be staying tonight.

Whilst in Vilcabamba we had time for a stroll around the streets with an ice-cream. Something of a one-horse town - only the central square and maybe one street in each direction are brick paved, the rest just dirt roads. It is however a bit of a hippy-back-packers venue with a retired American contingent. The town alledges to have the longest life-expectancy in America (north & south).

After dinner we realise that it's 8:50 and the lights are all going to go out at 9:00, so it's a sprint back to the hotel to find a torch.

Will be packing for the flight back to Quito tomorrow morning.

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