Thursday, 3 December 2009

Wednesday 2nd December

If you go to San Jose, we highly recommend Hotel Grano de Oro. Really good service and helpful staff, good food and it doesn't break the bank.

Following a lie in and leisurely breakfast we walked from the hotel into the centre of San Jose. Not the most picturesque of cities I'm afraid, but not too bad to stroll through.

Then back to the hotel and short taxi ride to the airport for the flight to Panama City. Caroline is starting to get fractious and the mutterings of "are we nearly there yet..?" are increasing in frequency, scope and volume. Looking forward to arriving where we want to be! Advice: flying to central America twice in 4 days is not good for the mind or body!

And we're finally here, landed at about 22:30 local time and, following a rather crazy taxi journey through Quito, we made it to the hotel. Tomorrow should give us our first good look around.

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