Wednesday, 23 December 2009

Tuesday 22nd December

A frustrating morning chasing Avianca for our luggage. This airline is so bad, not only do they not answer the phone, they have even hidden their head office so no one can complain in person. (FYI there is an "I hate Avianca" website where one can vent one's spleen.) After a morning walking backwards and forwards along a street where number 3655 just did not exist
we gave up.

An unexpected outcome of our wandering was the purchase of a painting ...see piccie... by an English artist John Wright.

One area where Chile definitely scores is on the food front. We are both feeling a little skinny after Ecuador and, knowing you are all tucking into mincepies at home, we took the opportunity to stock up.

Only 3 days to Christmas. Looking at the news it appears that wolves will soon be crossing the Thames.... :-)


  1. loving the outfit C, v cool :) don't lose too much weight as i'll have to buy a smaller dress pattern for you! xxx