Sunday, 6 December 2009

Saturday 5th December

Another public transport success... went to Otavalo - one of the biggest highland Saturday markets, where all the locals bring their produce/animals/weaving/handicrafts to sell.
Getting there was a little complex - changes at 3 different bus terminals tested Caroline's Spanish to the limit. Driving round twisty mountain roads, on a bus meant for 30, carrying 50 and some chickens, with a driver whose concept of acceleration is purely digital was interesting.
The driver crossed himself and figured the rosaries on the tightest bends....we did not find that helped! 3 hours later & slightly weak knee'd we got there.

Market was amazing, masses of stalls selling brightly coloured weavings, carvings & veg. Best avocado I have ever tasted. Also whole pigs (plus head) roasting on spits (didn't try that one!). In general it seemed a very social occasion, women having a gossip while they sorted maize or embroidered.
Came away with a gorgeous alpaca skin bear - supposed to be a present but might not make it. Might have to indulge in that Alpaca fur blanket!

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  1. what is that furry bear thing next to C's head?