Friday, 25 December 2009

Wednesday 23rd December

Yet more Avianca woes - they really are useless. Apparently the bag won't now be here until Friday, despite being told yesterday that it would be here today. Happily the hotel has said it will receive the bag in our absence and store it for us - there's nothing crucial in there so we picked up the hire car, packed up our kit and headed north.

The scenery changed from scrubby grassland to cactus-dotted desert. Some southern slopes covered in vines. Note to self: must get around to quaffing some Chilean wine. Only interest on the Pan-American north-bound was a flaming barricade across the carriageway manned by circa 100 gesticulating protestors. Not entirely sure what they were gesticulating about - but the right to self expression is clearly a little more active here. Sorry, no piccies, we preferred to remain unstoned.

Pull in for the night at small campsite toute seule apart from the tumbleweed. Local truckstop for dinner also toute seule, sang along to eighties pop compilation for entertainment. (never done that in a restaurant before).

Are given the keys to the campsite to lock up, clearly one of the benefits of advanced maturity.

Sleep tight!

Only 2 more days to Christmas.

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