Friday, 25 December 2009

Thursday 24th December

First stop of the day: Valle del Encantom, to hunt some thousand year old petrogliphs. After several hours of clambering over rocks accompanied by comments such as "Is it?" "That might be one!" "Inca's Toilet...are you sure that's what it means?" we finally stumbled onto an area containing some recognisable figures; funky little stick men with antennae (obviously Martians), shooting stars, swastikas and space rockets (no only kidding on the last one).

The heat is fierce during the day - there is a strange discontinuity between the incredibly lush green valley floor where vines are irrigated and the arid slopes above which struggle to support the odd cactus or stunted bush.

Happened upon a weird geological phenome; a long since dry river which had swept clean the bedrock down the side of a mountain leaving the phantom footprint of a cascade of waterfalls. At the foot of each drop was an eroded bowl in the rock.

Our VW Gol (yes I have spelt that right - I think it's one model down...) has had its first off-roading test. It was almost new when we received it and definitely isn't now. It actually behaved remarkably well, but you can't really tell that it's white anymore.

Ordered something random off the Spanish menu for dinner - bit of a mistake - looked like spatulated dog. Not that I've had spatulated dog, but I think that's what it would look like...

Have just had an evening swim before bed.

Only one more sleep to Christmas!!!!!

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