Thursday, 10 December 2009

Wednesday 9th December

A day travelling... First stop was a traditional art gallery - the style is known as naive, Whilst interesting, particularly the politics and myths portrayed, I'm afraid it's not going to end up on the Granary walls.

Second stop was a surprise which definitely played to one of Caroline's weaknesses - a traditional ice-cream shop where the multi-flavour frozen treats are made using some very bizarre fruits. Caroline still had a big smile on her face though...

Lunch was another "surprise" from Ricardo and Miguel - Guinea Pig... Tasted like well hung rabbit.

Much of the rest of the day was taken by the drive to Baños, with the occasional stop to look at churches and town halls. Following hints from one of the guide books we mentioned the possibility of doing a bike ride from Baños to Ricardo and Miguel. They were happy to go along with the idea; Miguel would ride with us and Ricardo would drive behind so that we weren't run off the road by traffic. They had overlooked two key factors in their plan: 1) We've descended to about 1800m, and 2) Miguel doesn't do as much cycling as we do. With the fitness stakes finally in our favour we were very gracious in slowing down to allow Miguel to keep up. :-)

The 20km ride was great fun, with a couple of stops to admire the views, and a cable car ride over the canyon that we were riding alongside - the controller stopped the car mid-travel so that we could get some photos of the waterfall underneath us.

Back to Baños for food and bed. I have a sneaky feeling that Miguel is going to get us back tomorrow...

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