Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Sunday 20th December

Before the flight out of Quito we walked through town to one of the parks where numerous local artists display their wares every weekend. After a quick lunch near the park we wandered through the somewhat disorganised collection of canvases. Whilst some of it was truly awful, there were one or two pieces with some merit (i.e. the artist knows what perspective is). There are a couple of quite bizarre styles that are obviously very famous in this part of the world . Nothing new for the walls I'm afraid, unless you like caricatures of mad, greedy, salivating Oppressors of the People (look up the work of Oswaldo Guayasamin to see what we mean)!

We were safely packed and at the airport well in time for the flight, via Bogota, to Santiago. All went smoothly (very happy we didn't have to get through immigration at Bogota, the queues were horrific; about 400 people long) right up until Monday morning when we picked up bags in Santiago... It looks like Avianca has taken a leaf out of Copa's book because only 2/3 of our luggage arrived. Apparently the next flight isn't until Wednesday, which is rather annoying because we were meant to be leaving Santiago on Tuesday. Oh well, these things happen.

We'll let you know about Santiago tomorrow. Right now, off to bed.

Only 5 days to Christmas.

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