Sunday, 3 January 2010

Friday 1st January

New Year's eve dinner. I think I ate ox-tail...or at least that's what I hope it was!


Emerged from the campsite to find the town littered with burned offerings, broken glass and the general detritus which follows a good party. In Chile they burn guys (evil spirits) as a New Year celebration.

Today we covered all the general sites of interest around town. First was Pukara, Amero-Indian hill fort (c. 1200 AD) which was an impressive series of dry stone walls almost organic in form, honeycombing the hillside. Sadly insufficient to hold off the Spanish and from the remains it is difficult to recreate much sense of the civilisation.

Up a winding track through the canyons to a tunnel made in 1930 to allow passage between river valleys. Having walked through the tunnel (pleasantly cool in comparison to the 40 degrees outside), we climbed up the old road above the tunnel to the remains of the way-house and a great view. More Inca ruins and strange rock formations to be discovered in other canyons higher up the valley. All in all a good day exploring.

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