Friday, 1 January 2010

Tuesday 29th December

Stayed in Copiapo - like many of the towns in this region, it serves the mining industry and is devoid of any attractive features. However it does have the Atacama mineralogical museum which had an amazing display of weird and wonderful rocks. This provided some intellectual entertainment (questions such as : is it really safe to poke this sample labelled "Uranium") before we got back in the trucvk for th 650km drive to Antofagasta en route to San Pedro. The desert is amazing; there is nothing, not even tumbleweed for mile after mile....after mile (and at this point it starts getting boring!) Only interesting interludes were 1) a large sculpted stone hand 2) filling the truck with fuel & us with ice cream 3) erm.. think that was it.
Spent the night in Antofagasta - rather like Copiapo. Sill today has broken the back of the trip up North.

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