Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Monday 11th January

Short walk this morning to see where the river exits the lavafield fed by the Laguna (mentioned yesterday). The waterfalls are look very cool, appearing from the middle of a rock face. The water is full of air initially and looks solid like snow, but quickly changes to become incredibly clear having been filtered through hundreds of meters of rock. The morning is mercifully free of the Chilean plague (horseflies) which drove us mad for parts of yesterday.

Started the drive back up north - perfect timing as the weather has turned and it rained (and sleeted) from noon onwards. After seven weeks hardly seeing a drop this was a bit of a shock... the novelty wore off quickly.

Soaked ourselves in muddy thermal baths to while away the afternoon and found a nice off-ski-season hostel to stay the night. Complete with proper food! Yey!

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