Monday, 25 January 2010

Saturday 23rd January

Having managed to get the ferry across to south island, and in the process get a car change (It's quite amazing the rate at which we get through hire cars....we're now in a Nissan Sunny !??!!) we started organising the next few days. First stop was a sea kayak rental place near the ferry terminal. Tomorrow's excitement arranged, we headed out of Picton towards Nelson along the costal road. There were some fantastic views.

Having found a place to stay for the night, not far from where we're picking up the kayak at Ngakuta Bay tomorrow morning, we headed further around the coast to Havelock. Rather than do the whole of the Abel Tasman (about a quarter of which is time limited by low tide) we're planning to do the southern three quarters of the 52km tramp on Monday. We managed to get a water taxi booked to get up to Tonga Bay, so should pretty much be ready to go!

We took a short walk around the coast - a nice stretch for the legs after being in the car and on the ferry for much of the day.

In the evening we went to a small restaurant called the Mussel Pot, so we could feast on NZ's fantastic green mussels. We're sufficiently close to the Sound here that the mussels pretty much come from the boat onto your plate. As remembered, they were huge and very very tasty!

B&B has a hot tub...and we thought it would be rude not to indulge. A good glass of white wine, a great view and a hot tub is (we decided) a required life-experience.

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