Friday, 1 January 2010

Wednesday 30th December

Left Antofagasta asap, and proceeded west to San Pedro. Boy, those kilometers seem to drag. Stopped briefly at a mine to try and visit, however labour relations are not currently at their best so all site seeing was off. Arrived San Pedro, a tiny oasis in the desert, poked around the 4 streets of the town. The houses are old, built of adobe & mudbricks with inner courtyards, the streets narrow and dusty. However the gringo factor is huge, probably outnumbering locals 4:1. Visited the excellent museum, which has wonderfully preserved artefacts from 5000BC to the Spanish Conquest. Including lots of spatulas/"snuff" trays etc for the shamanic inhalation of hallucinogens...judging by the numbers several millennia must have passed in a blur. We also popped into the cute little church which has a cactus wood roof.
In the evening we headed to Valle del Luna, to watch the sun set over the preternatural landscape.

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