Thursday, 28 January 2010

Thursday 28th January

Breakfast-less due to aforementioned kea! Never a good start to a 8 hr hike.

Tackled Avalanche Peak and Lylle Peak. A near vertical 1100m climb - yes it really was scrambling straight out of the car park. Person who made the trail clearly did not believe in unnecessary deviation. However the stunning 360 degree views were worth it. We really were on top of the world, as we sat at the summit 3 kea swooped round (doubtless some strange parrot mating ritual??) - it was magic!

Less magic and a little scarier was the traverse across to Lylle Peak - rock was really rotten and the scree slopes were sheer (parents - don't read further....) did however get some lovely photos of a blue ice glacier. The way down (sheer again) was knackering on the knees - we must be getting older. Even considered whether it might have been more pleasant to slide the scree. Caroline did find an abandoned 10 dollar note tho - so free ice creams all round.

We will definitely sleep well tonight.

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