Monday, 25 January 2010

Sunday 24th January

Swapping islands seems to have triggered a significant improvement in the weather, and we wake to a gloriously calm and misty morning. The sun quickly burns off the mist and Marlborough Sound is absolutely stunning. The water is turquoise and clear enough to see fish & shells on the bottom. The wildlife does not seem afraid of the silent but bright yellow kayak, we pull up close to terns, nesting cormorants, sooty shearwaters. The rocks are covered in mussels at low tide and we paddle through a raft of beautiful jellyfish. A few more days like this and we will be emigrating!

We circumnavigate the Sound, pulling into the little bays to get you all the best photos! It was a little nerve-wracking getting the camera out of the hold whilst in the middle of the Sound.

Lunch (mainly consisting of cake) was taken in Mistletoe Bay, with some very insistent ducks. We were seriously considering having one for dinner, but I'm not sure feathers in the kayak would have gone down well.

We returned the kayak tired and slightly sun-burned at about 4pm and then set out for the next stop on the trip; the Abel Tasman. As we're passing through Nelson, we see some enormous kites flying alongside the road - there's a festival of some sort going on and some of the flying objects are quite amazing.

Slightly later, Caroline spots a Fish & Chips shop - our dinner fate is now sealed.

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