Monday, 18 January 2010

Monday 18th January

Started the day with a trip to a small cafe in Thames (south end of the Coromandel Peninsula) for breakfast. Superb banana and chocolate muffins - and yes they can make a decent cup of tea! We also found a second hand book shop that would do exchanges... finally some more reading matter.

It was drizzling on and off all day so we pottered around the little coastal towns - somewhat reminiscent of Norfolk. Best overheard comment goes to the following:
Customer: How are your parents these days, haven't seen them in a while?
Shopkeeper: Not so good...
Customer: Oh dear, I am sorry to hear that, what's wrong?
Shopkeeper: They're both dead...!

The Coromandel P is popular with arty-types, so loads of interesting galleries to look round. Work ranging from pieces similar to Caroline's primary school output, to rather good stuff. Price seems to bear little relation to quality (luckily for us). We only made a small purchase, two sculptures made out of cutlery(!).

In the afternoon we did a small walk down to Cathedral Cove, a sandy beach on the east side of the peninsula that you can only get to through a natural archway through the cliffs from an ajoining beach when the tide is out. It really is a very pretty part of the world.

You may have noticed there have been no diatribes on the hire car. That's cos it's actually great (despite the fact that one of its wheel bearings is going and the windscreen squirters don't work). Goes round corners like you would not believe. Olly and I have been fighting over the car keys all day, we have finally compromised (like the mature adults we are) and agreed an am/pm allocation.

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