Saturday, 30 January 2010

Saturday 30th January

Wake to the wind howling round the prefab hotel structure. Not a good sign.

We pack up and head out. However after a couple of hours it starts to drizzle and the cloud drops, the rain turns to horizontal sleet (the story of many an aborted trek :-( ) we decide to turn back. Aggravatingly by early afternoon the weather has cleared and the views are back...Grrrhhh! We do not have the motivation to retrace our steps.

We use the day to have a leisurely drive over to Clyde. Our car seems to veer to the left automatically on passing an art gallery sign.....weird??? Also does the same with icecream suppliers...?! Incidentally one shop had really "rattling rock" - basically a small rock stuck inside a bigger one - volcanic phenome. Was cool but decided it was not worth spending the rest of our stay shaking potential stones, to find one.

Clyde was a tiny place, but had some pleasant old railway buildings.

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