Thursday, 14 January 2010

Tuesday 12th January

Were adopted by the two large dogs belonging to the hostel - took them for a 3hr walk up the mountain after breakfast to an old refugio. Probably more accurately they deigned to accompany us as they had nothing better to do. Decided walks are better with dogs. Is annoying tho' how they turn back and wait as you trudge up hill and then bound on ahead. Weather was glorious after yesterday's downpour. Mountains still covered in snow and the sun gleaming off the black lava fields.

This afternoon we drove up towards Valparaiso, made it to within a couple of hours before stopping for the evening, seduced by adverts for home made ice cream and empanadas (deep fried cheese sandwiches to the uninitiated...brings out the Glaswegian in us all!)

Starting to get excited about moving onto New Zealand...clean all our kit as well as possible in preparation for the bio-police.

Stopping in Valparaiso tomorrow for our final night in Chile.

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