Monday, 11 January 2010

Thursday 7th January

Up early to set out for Reserva Altos de Lircay - a national park further south in Chile. Sadly the journey took us rather longer than anticipated, due in no small part to the ludicrously incompetent signposting in this part of the country. We've come to the conclusion that the person in charge was actually taking a signposting exam; some of the questions he answered correctly, some of them he got a little bit wrong (what's 20kms between friends after all?), some bits he wasn't quite sure - so put two answers (e.g. north & south) and hoped the examiner wouldn't notice. Some of the questions he missed out because he didn't know, and some he was just plain WRONG. Anyway, we got there in the end...

The park warden is a really friendly guy and very helpful; he even has maps! After a quick lunch we headed out on one of the trails, about 19km long. The area is very pretty with lots of different landscapes very close together (today was mostly alpine wood / meadow). We stayed below the tree line today, but even so there were some great views. Lots of flora and fauna to admire, dominated by lizards and snakes, one of which Caroline nearly trod on. He was having trouble getting traction in the dust to get out of the path... Since this 7hr walk took 4.5hrs, we will reassess the route for tomorrow's trek!

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