Saturday, 16 January 2010

Saturday 16th January

The 15th passed in something of a blur mid-way across the Pacific / Antarctic.

We landed in Auckland at 4am, the LAN flight was actually rather good and we both managed to get some sleep. They also got all of our luggage to the right place first time (really shouldn't sound surprised) including the long piece of drainpipe that presently houses our latest painting acquisition (see pic). And we had no problems with the bio-police on the way into NZ despite all the camping in Ecuador & Chile.

Had to wait a couple of hours for the hire company to open, but spent the time catching up on some emails, finding a road map of the country and drinking tea. :-) When a few more people had woken up we were happily surprised to find that we've been given a Subaru Impreza (no, not a WRX for those who would ask) with plenty of space for our kit rather than the micro-midget car we had been expecting. We found our way fairly easily to the hotel in Auckland and set about walking the centre of the city. First impressions are that it's a fairly quiet, friendly city. Certainly clean when we've got used to the South American cities. It's also fairly small, so easy to get around the areas we wanted to see on foot.

Still craving some culinary variety, we opted for a Japanese take away which we happily chop-sticked our way through in the hotel room. We're presently attempting to stay awake to counter the jetlag, but I suspect given the suspicious silence in the room that Caroline has already succumbed. Off to bed it is.

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