Monday, 25 January 2010

Friday 22nd January

Another good NZ breakfast and we set out by bike around the Hawke Bay vineyards and chocolate factory (hmm, we wonder who put that one on the list). First stop was a fascinating boutique winery - Brookfields - whose star product was a 2005 cabernet merlot; also a nice peppery Syrah. Talking to the owner about the NZ wine scene, she was rather depressed about supermarkets demanding ever cheaper, mass-produced wine, tho' apparently US and EU sales are supporting the smaller, quality vinyards. By contrast we next stopped at Park Estate winery; where product was geared to short cash to cash cycles and mimimum capital investment; light weight reds, and even lighter serve-as-cold-as-you-can whites...eughh.

Contrary to Olly's comments above I did not indulge in the chocolate factory...although Olly later confessed to having visited Cadbury's World!

Afterwards we headed to Wellington in preparation for tomorrow's ferry crossing to south island. We're staying in a B&B whose owner came up with the quote of the day, talking to Caroline: "So, what does a little thing like you do for Caterpillar?" Needless to say he withered under the resulting glare... :-)

Fish and chips for supper after a wander around the waterfront at Wellington.

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